October 30, 2014

Hop on the Party Bus!

If you’re looking to take your day of celebration to the next level, without leaving it on the dance floor, then you should consider upgrading your ride to a party bus. Sometimes referred to as a limo bus, party van, or luxury bus, they are basically a large tour bus with customized interiors that allow for more room to move in and with luxurious trappings that you would expect from a limousine. These party buses are created specifically to meet the demands of large events, such as: birthdays, proms, sporting events, weddings, and corporate get-togethers. Welcome to the evolution of punch bowls and disco balls.

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Bring the Party with You

Most party bus providers carry a fleet of party buses that range in occupancy, from around 10 people, all the way up to 50 or more. Some companies really trick-out their buses and reinvent the concept of a party bus. You only need to do a few quick searches online to see some of the crazy party buses that celebrities will contract for their parties to get an idea of what is possible with the mobile party concept.

Standard limousines usually offer a fair deal of luxury fittings and requests, but party buses take it to the next level. You have the standard fanfare of plasma TVs, surround sound system, leather seats with temp controls, and so-on. Then, you have other customer features like smoke machines, fully-stocked bars, strip poles, gaming systems, and karaoke, of course.

Arrive in-style

Apart from the obvious luxury value inside party buses, there is also the equally important aspect of getting all your friends and family to where they need to go, without the need for separate vehicles, directions, or scheduling conflicts. When hosting a big event, especially if it’s out of town where you are unfamiliar with the surroundings, it can be a lifesaver to simply schedule events using one vehicle to get you and your guests from point A to B.

This decision also improves the safety of traveling with such a large group, no fears of anyone being left behind or taking a wrong turn and getting lost in an unfamiliar place. This can be a parent’s worst nightmare if the party in this instance is your child’s prom or graduation party.

As with any transportation service, always verify that the company has the proper insurance and up-to-date records of maintenance and inspection for their vehicles before ordering their service.


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