April 1, 2017

Wedding Planning Tips to Follow

The proposal…  such a great time to be in love and engaged… Until the reality hits of the daunting task of planning your wedding…

It can seem overwhelming, so much to do and so many people to please. My advice, try to keep it simple. Here are a few tricks to keep your sanity while planning your wedding.

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  • Begin with a folder, or binder. – write down ideas you have or cut-out pictures that inspire you
  • The Budget – yep you need to figure out how much you will spend and stick to it. There is nothing worse than over spending and having to look forward to paying off the wedding afteryour married.
  • Wedding party. Choose how many bridesmaids, groomsmen you will have and who they will be.
  • Start the guest list. If your budget is on the low side, think about keeping the guest list in check. Invite the friends and family who are the closest to you and leave everyone else out. It may sound awful, but lets face it they aren’t paying for it.
  • Hire a planner. You can hire a planner to help coordinate and keep you on the right track, or you can plan the wedding yourself. This is a personal preference.
  • The date and venue. During the summer months places begin to fill up. If you have a sentimental date make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to reserve the location. Think about whether you will have the reception in the same place or a different place.
  • Book your officiant. Yeah this step is kinda important, so make sure you don’t forget it.
  • Hire a photographer. Your wedding day is a special day. Make sure you hire a photographer that you trust to do a great job capturing those memories.
  • Plan whether you will have a live band, or a DJ., and book them.
  • Will there be food? If so is family providing it or will you hire professionals.
  • The dress. This is fun!!! make sure to go dress shopping so there is time for it to be altered.
  • Hotel rooms. Reserve hotel rooms for the out of town guests
  • Yep you don’t want to forget to register at a couple of your favorite places.
  • Make sure to plan what you want to say on your invites! Do you want to create them yourself or hire someone to do it? To keep the budget down, you may want to customize them yourself and do them yourself.
  • Where would you like to go? Make sure to plan this in advance.
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses. This takes awhile to choose and then of course most likely they need to be ordered, so leave yourself plenty of time.
  • Hire a florist. It can wait for awhile so you know all the details before you hire one. Most often a florist can manage multiple venues on any given day.
  • Oh the cake!!! Choose a few bakers, go and taste test them all before you choose your baker.
  • For those out of town guests, you may want to have a town car or limousine pick them up. How do you want to arrive and leave your wedding? If the ceremony is in a different location, think about a party bus for your guests.
  • Rehearsal dinner. Where would you like this to be? For those out-of-town guests, how will they be arriving to the dinner? Plan in advance for a limo or a party bus for all of your out-of-town-guests.
  • Hair and Makeup. Go to a quality person to have your hair and makeup done and don’t wait until the last minute to schedule this, especially if it is during the summer months. Will you be paying for your bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done as well? Make sure to use a quality place that can handle multiple customers at once.
  • Enjoy a Bachelor/Bachelorette party! This can be done separate or have a co-ed one. Make sure your maid of honor and best man are taking care of this. If they haven’t mentioned it to you, feel free to ask them. Maybe even hint you about where you want to go and how you want to arrive.
  • Break in those shoes. There is nothing worse than having brand new heals that you haven’t broken in.
  • Pack for your honeymoon!!
  • Don’t forget to show up for the important day!

Of course this is just an overview of the most important tasks that need to be planned for. Most importantly though, have fun and don’t take yourself to seriously. Keep humor at the forefront even when the going gets tough.

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