July 6, 2019

Tree Trim Tips

So, now that we are getting into the Spring season, I’ve been looking getting my trees pruned.  Rather than hiring a professional, I decided to trim the smaller trees that I could manage.  I found a site which offered a lot of great tips and techniques on how to prune a tree.  Besides for aesthetics and safety reasons, sometimes you want to prune a tree to keep it healthy. If a tree is infected, you can trim off the affected branches and limbs.


To start, be sure you have all the materials you need to trim your tree. It is best to wear garden gloves and even goggles or protective eyewear.  Make sure your shears or saw are sharpen for an easy and smooth cut.   You may also want to be sure that you have a sturdy ladder on hand to reach tall branches.  

The general guidelines says that you want to prune a tree during it’s dormant phase, which for most trees is mid-Spring.  It is best to prune away branches when they are young because it is more manageable and the risk of scarring is less.  They also recommend that you trim branches that have weak V-shaped narrow angles, rather than a U-shaped.  When it comes to thinning the crown of a tree, keep the lateral branches as evenly spaced out as possible and try to prune away the branches that may come in contact with other branches.

Now, when would you not want to trim your tree?  Generally when it is in flower or has fruit.  It is generally good to prune young trees because they can be trained, which will help to promote plant health and longevity.  There is so much detailed techniques that is involved in proper tree pruning and trimming that I won’t go into all the intricate details.  You can go to their website for more information.

For the larger trees which I would not attempt to trim, I generally hire a tree professional.  If the branches are growing over the roof of the house or into power lines, or causing a hazard then I call them.  I will also have the arborist come to inspect trees which I believe may be in bad health and to get an assessment on how to treat it or, if it’s completely infected, whether the tree should be cut off entirely.  I am so grateful to have my local tree care company available to help with the care of my trees.

The following information is provided by Gene Olsen, owner of San Francisco Elite Tree Services and Dublin Auto Glass.